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Information for Recipients of the e-Certificate

When a CUHK graduate shares his/her e-Certificate via the CUHK e-Certification System with a third-party recipient (e.g. education institution, employer, credential verification agency), the recipient will receive two emails from CUHK e-Certification System: (i) an email containing a unique link to access the e-Certificate of the graduate concerned, and (ii) another email providing a passcode for input to view the e-Certificate. 


Upon receiving the two emails from CUHK e-Certification System, the recipient should follow the steps below for accessing the e-Certificate:

  1. click the embedded link in the first email received to access the CUHK e-Certification System;

  2. input the passcode provided in the second email; and

  3. input the captcha displayed on screen.


When the recipient clicks the “Submit” button after input of (2) and (3) above, the e-Certificate image will be displayed.  The image cannot be downloaded.


Please access the e-Certificate before the expiry date of the unique link as embedded in the email.  If the link has expired and the recipient still needs to access the e-Certificate, please contact the graduate concerned for sharing the e-Certificate again.

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